Outlining for Excel ®

TreeWiz is a Microsoft Excel ® Addin that allows you interpret the explicit or implied hierarchical structures present in many types of source data, including outline id's, text indents, character pre-padding and column offsets. From this structure you can set the standard Excel outline controls for easy navigation and information hiding/displaying. This structure allows you to analyse outline data to determine the optimum structure for your data.

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Beta Testers Needed!

TreeWiz is in beta test and we are looking for early-adopter users to give us feedback. If you would like to try out an early-release version of TreeWiz, then please fill in the form below and hit the "I'll Try It!" button.

True outlining for Excel ® data

Excel ® users use hierarchical data in many different ways, but mostly it is just for visual layout. In current spreadsheets, setting up true hierarchies is a pain. The full benefits of outline data can only be obtained when you're able to analyse this structure for valid hierarchies and use the built-in outline controls for all data at all levels. TreeWiz enables you to bring the benefits of structured outlining to your existing data.

  • Capture outline structures from 6 common data / layout combinations

  • Apply tree structures to excel tables and tabular ranges on both columns and rows

  • Apply the Outline grouping controls on Excel ® worksheets, enabling expand and collapse via multiple controls and functions

  • Analyse tree structure completeness and distribution

Capture outline structures from "soft" hierarchical structures

Capture the explicit or implied outline structure, e.g. indented text position in a column is interpreted as outline structure to create the outline level controls in Excel.

Capture outline structure from explicit hiearchies

Explicit hierarchical structures include outline ID's, delimited paths and column offsets. Select the data that contains the outline references and create the Excel outline levels and controls automatically.

Navigate outline structures

All the Excel standard outline control functions are available on the outline panel to the left of the data grid area. Expand / collapse nodes individually or across all nodes by level. Or expand/collapse by selected rows.

Analyse Tree Structures

TreeWiz provides multiple functions to analyse the tree structure: the integrity of the structure (missing / duplicate values), node value frequency and node values frequency at different levels. These allow you to optimise the tree structure for your specific use cases.

A library of Outline User Functions

As well as the UI controls, TreeWiz provides a range of functions that can be used in cell formulas to provide input to other functions in your worksheet, e.g. conditional formatting based on outline level, or to enable other grouping functions.

Using these UI and user function capabilities together provides a rich foundation for many areas that typically use hierarchical data: finance and accounting, project management, engineering, biology and more.

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